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Harnessing the power of tech for healthier cities

Let’s meet in Berlin! | What does an ideal city look like? | + More!

Cities that enhance wellbeing | How strong is your 8th sense? | + More!

Urban design and development needs a new focus, and it’s mental wellbeing

Surprising benefits of working in crisis mode | Does your workplace need mental health apps? | More!

To what extent do urban landscapes represent a threat to our wellbeing?

How are we doing? | The key to better leadership | + More!

And why we are right where we need to be

a road through a forest with lots of ups and downs

Should we work four days a week? | Lyra Health hits $4.6 billion | + More!


We are the mental wellness impact fund. We invest in companies innovating mental wellness and help them succeed through impact & organizational health support.

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